Cowboy Photographer: Erwin E Smith
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   Spring/Fall Roundups
     Gathering the Herd
     The Stray Man
   Summer Trail Drive
     Cattle on the Trail
     The Railhead
     Day Herder
     Night Herder
     Open-Range Branding
     Chuck Wagon
     Dangers on the Trail
   Winter Work

Seasonal Work
Open-range ranching was seasonal, like agricultural work. There were four annual phases to the cowboy's back-breaking job: the spring roundup, the trail drive, the fall roundup, and winter work. To fully document all aspects of this cycle, Smith had to be on the scene throughout the year, especially during the spring and fall roundups when so much activity took place.

Erwin E. Smith (1886–1947)
The photographer, Erwin E. Smith, stopping at the chuck wagon for a cup of coffee. LS Ranch, Texas, 1907
Nitrate negative
Erwin E. Smith Collection of the Library of Congress on deposit at the Amon Carter Museum
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